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The enlargement of the European Union with new countries of Central and Eastern Europe created a unique opportunity for dynamic economic development, political integration and exchange of experiences in the sphere of culture and social diversity. Yet, the functioning of the Union as a complex organism caused a host of issues and challenges. The global economic crisis, which also affected Europe, made the European public aware of the importance of institutional factors and the international co-ordination of economic issues. Particularly relevant are questions regarding the directions of the EU in areas such as internal consistency, external relations, including the position in the international arena, solidarity between member states, European citizenship and national identity, migration, education and labor market. The events of recent years are also extremely important for Poland.

There are no doubts that entering of our country to the European Union was a historic and absolutely positive decision. At present the form of the Union and Europe depends on us and on Poland. We have to create this future.

This is the reason why we have established the European Institute Pro Futuro Europae. The Institute for the future of Europe, whose aim is a cooperation in forming a multi-level European debate in an interdisciplinary way. As young professionals, recognising ourselves in Europe without any prejudice, we believe that our undertaking will be successful. We hope we will manage to make European citizens more and more conscious participants living and working in Europe. For the future of Europe. "Pro Futuro Europae".

A warm welcome to the website of the European Institute. We wish you a pleasant reading and we encourage you to stay in touch!

The Team of the European Institute Pro Futuro Europae

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