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statutory documents

The Foundation under the name "Instytut Europejski Pro Futuro Europae", hereinafter referred to as the Foundation, was established by notary deed drawn up by Notary Micha│ Grajner of the Notary Public Office in Katowice, Poland on the 24th of June 2005, Index Number A 3555/2005. The Foundation acts in accordance with the statutory laws on Foundations dated April 6th 1984 (Journal of Laws of 1991, No. 46, item 203) and the provisions of the present Articles of Incorporation.

The Foundation may interchangeably use its full name, the "Fundacja Instytut Europejski Pro Futuro Europae" or the abbreviation "Instytut Europejski Pro Futuro Europae".

The Foundations name and the graphic logo that the Foundation uses and which distinguish it from other entities of this type are protected by law.

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