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aims and objectives

The Institute's goals include:

- operations to aid economic development, including the development of enterprise;
- propounding of liberal economic thinking, the rational creation of laws and a traditional system of values;
- operations to aid the development of local communities;
- activities in the fields of science, education, informal education, learning and training;
- disseminating appreciation of the countryside;
- disseminating recreation for children and youth;
- strengthening international youth co-operation;
- popularisation of culture, art and the protection of cultural heritage and traditions;
- dissemination and protection of liberty, human rights and civic liberties, as well as operations aiding the development of democracy;
- operations on behalf of European integration and the spread of contacts and co-operation between societies;
- the promotion and organization of voluntary service;
- technical, training, informational or financial operations to aid non-governmental organizations;
- promotion of employment and the professional advancement of the unemployed and those threatened with unemployment;
- dissemination and protection of women's rights and operations on behalf of equal rights for men and women;
- organization around the Institute's concept for social movement and engaging people both in Poland and abroad from the world of science, business and culture on behalf of the same.

The Institute fulfils its goals by:

- granting of scholarships
- organization of lectures, seminars, conferences and meetings aimed at the transfer of know-how and the collection of data and information on the Institute's operations.
- conducting informative, promotional, training, research, scientific and publishing operations
- initiation and organization of cultural events
- conducting operations as impresario for the benefit of artists
- conducting activities relating to appreciation of the countryside
- organization of recreational activities for children and youth
- organization of non-formal education, particularly for youth
- organization of student internships, professional training, tenures and also voluntary service co-operation with

    Polish, foreign and international corporate bodies, in particular non-governmental organizations of the same or similar nature as the Institute
    local authorities, government administration, the business sector, the mass media and public celebrities interested in the goals of the Institute
    scientific, cultural, physical educational circles and private and public entities in Poland and abroad showing interest in or operating in the areas embraced by the Institute's goals international government organizations whose operations have the same or similar goals as those of the Institute

The Institute co-operates with national, foreign and international foundations and associations with the same or a similar profile of operations.

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